My X-Men Journey

I grew up watching all those Superhero shows like many people. I watched the Christopher Reeve Superman movies and those horrific nippled Batman movies. I watched Lois and Clarke, and would pretend to be Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman. I watched Justice League and laughed as I would say “Syoopa Friends”.
But the first time a superhero show really spoke to me was when I saw the first X-Men movie. I was very young at the time, so I don’t remember what it was that spoke to me so much. Maybe it was the fact that they started as normal people, they weren’t aliens or super rich. Maybe it was the variety of powers. Maybe it was Jean-Luc Picard. But whatever it was, X-Men became my favourite and I dreamed of the day when my powers would awaken.
By the time X-Men three came out though, it spoke to me on a whole different level. As a person with a disability that made everyone, even relatives treat me like an outcast, the story of these mutants who get offered a cure really spoke to me. As disappointing as their delivery of that story was, the struggle was still something that stuck with me. If I were offered a cure what would I do. Would I change a large part of myself for a chance to have a normal life, to be accepted? Should I have too? Would I even still be me, or a stranger in my body, with my memories and wardrobe? I have an answer now, but back then this was a question that haunted me.
Lately I’ve been on an X-Men kick again with the releases of the awesome prequels and now Deadpool which is now my TWO favouritist movies of all time, and loving the stories playing out in these movies (and getting nervous about attempt number two at the Dark Phoenix storyline), and I’ve decided it’s time for me to read the comics.
I’ve never much liked the superhero style of comics. I’m more into the newspaper, gag-a-day cartoons like Garfield and Erma, but I’m learning to love the X-Men stories, so I’m going to see if I can learn to enjoy the drawing style too.
I prefer physical books, but as there’s quit the catalog, and I’m probably going to want to binge, I decided to get an account for the Marvel online archive and read them on my iPad on the train to work and stuff.
I’m going to post reviews as I go through so you can follow the journey of a non-superhero-comic person as she goes through and experiences this superhero-comic that I will hopefully enjoy.

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